I'm starting to think that September is the month for me to get sick. So yesterday night, during the last hour of my shift my nose started running, my right eye started watering and I started sneezing. So during the rest of my shift I had to keep on blinking, but since only my right eye was watering, it looked more like I was winking; I swear the customers that I were helping kept on giving me very very weird looks. At first I just thought it was my allergies and usually the symptoms disappear once I sleep it off. But no, this morning I woke up and my nose was still running and my throat was hurting, which is sure sign that I caught a cold. And why do I say that September is the month for me to get sick? Because last September I also caught a cold, but then I ended up in the hospital because it turns out I was having an asthma attack, which I later found out that I have a mild case of asthma. What a lovely month indeed.

Oh yea, WESTLIFE! No matter how much older I get, I still have this uber soft spot for boy bands, especially Westlife. This is what happens when you grow up during the era of boy bands. Oh Westlife, how your songs make me swoon like a 15 year-old.

Speaking of 15 year-olds; my mom keeps on telling me how I look like i'm 16 years old. I'm turning 20 soon and yet i'm told I look like i'm 16?! I blame my baby face.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
Okay, I was technically back on August 28th, and it's September 14th now, but it's all technicalities.

The horror of school! Another year of it and i'm a 3rd year university student! All of a sudden I feel so old, especially when i'm in classes with new first year students in some of my classes. A tip to first year students, when introducing yourself in tutorial, don't even bother mentioning what high school you graduated from, because most likely no one will care; especially those that have been in post-secondary for over one semester. Trust me. Besides, if you mention a high school a blank will most likely form in ones head. Yup, and that's my beef, yea, i'm all gangsta now, as of right now.

So about my vacation, I freaking loved it. Loved every minute of it. I just wished I got to stay in Shanghai longer.
Maybe I will post up some pictures. One day...if school and work doesn't overload me with stress first.

Leaving on a Jet Plane.
My finals are over! I'm so happy about that, but now I have to wait for my marks to be posted, that's stressful too, checking the website everyday to see if the marks have been posted. But, i'm leaving for China tomorrow, so maybe I won't have access to internet, which can be a bad thing and a good thing, but right now it seems more like a bad thing.

So yes, I'm going to Beijing, Shanghai and Xian for eleven days starting tomorrow! Yay! Haven't gone on a vacation in four years, so i'm quite excited. And I might get a new cellphone there too, and I shall deck it out with the trippiest cellphone accessories ever! Lol.
I might post some pictures after I get back.

See you in eleven days!

Shake and bake!
I sounded semi-emo in my last entry and that freaks me out. Just a tad.

So in light of being in school for two consecutive years without a proper summer vacation whatsoever, I have decided "Screw the next summer semester!". My mouth is just watering thinking about it, four months without school, allowing my brain to rot away. It's heaven; well close enough.

I'm completely obsessed with a Korean drama that my friend lent me, it's called Goong or Palace Princess Hours. It's filled with love, a love quadrangle, a fictional royal family, pretty boys, and the good old uber dramatic acting that only Korean dramas can give; such a guilty pleasure. Now add to my growing obessession with Bleach, Naruto and Tale of Saiunkoku and many other things and I might be running out of room for obsessions.

I hate failing.
My road test was today, and I failed it.

By all accounts according to my driving instructor, I should have passed it. The examiner only told me that I made a couple of mistakes, but those were small mistakes (ie. pulling in a bit too far away from the curb). Apparently I committed a traffic violation, but she didn't even mention it. Gah. Now I have to take it again and road tests are booked into October.

Fuck you stupid system!

How I hate this feeling. This is the first major thing that I have failed, sure I have failed quizzes before, but never a major test. I have come close to failing, my grade nine piano exam, I just passed it with a 60. And that caused me to quit piano because practical examinations were too stressful.


Rant, rant, rant. Now I need to rant to someone. Gah. Time to call my mom.

Two wrongs do make a right.
Exactly one week away from my statistics midterm and I know nothing, nothing. Seriously, I really need to learn how to stop procrastinating, because it took me one week to read a statistics chapter, I pretty much averaged one page per day. And another stressor to add , my registration date for courses is coming up and I really really really hope that there is room left in the classes I need to take, which is criminal law and psychology, because they are the only courses that I need to take before I can apply for the faculty. If there is no more room, I am going to literally beg the advisor and professor.

But I'm not too down at the moment because I get to see most of my friends tomorrow, and I haven't seen some of them in couple of weeks, and some of them in months. School and work gets in the way so we don't get too see each other too often. But hip hip hooray for tomorrow!

Rain, rain go away.
After almost two or more full weeks of sunshine, there was rain today, granted I shouldn't be surprised since I do live in Vancouver, but it still felt foreign to me.

Since this is my very first entry in live-journal, I feel as if I should write something meaningful to leave a nice impression, but alas, I feel stupid today, so the meaningful entry will come later.

Now, time to relearn some HTML stuff because I want my LJ to look uber.


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